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Monday, February 4, 2008

National Highway Expantion: restriction to constructions

Kerala government is expected to release a notification, in two weeks,which would restrict the construction/building by the side of national highways.

All constructions will be prohibited for 70 meter width on national highways , 50 meter width on state highways and other major roads at 30 meter width. The distance is calculated from the Middle of the road.

The goverment will not accuire the land immediatly. The accusition will happen at market rate, at the time of road development.

1 comment:

shanku said...

these bastard ministers are killing us. there are already thousands of homes and buildings at this moment. if road construction happens alll these have to demolished and paid. the four line itself is not constructed. they are thinking of 6 lines just because they have no concern about the money of person invested near it to built a home.
these bastards kill us