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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cost of Stamp Paper and Fees : property registration

This is a sample calculation table to find how much would you need to spend , based on present property registration fees and stamp rate , when purchasing a property . This information is provided for understanding and planning purpose only. Though, the numbers provided here are based on recent registartions , it may not be accurate for every place in kerala.

At this time, the rate of stamp duty in panchayat area is
10% plus registration fee and surcharge 2 %. The total is 12%. For the registration in municipal area 12 % plus registration and surcharge fee 2 %. The total is 14 %. For registration within the Corporation area 13.5% is for registration & surcharge fee 2 %. Total is 15.5 %.

You can do your own calculation using this Excel spread sheet..
If you have a google/gmail account use this google url
You may download the Excel spread sheet from below link
How to use this calculation to find the price for your transaction
Column B7 :- Enter the total area of land (in cents) in your transaction
Column B8 :- Enter price per cent
Column B12 :- Enter fare value per cent
The total price is shown on Column 15, depending upon if the property is located under panchayat , muncipality or corporation


masti man said...

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shyju said...

Your excel sheet on " Cost of Stamp Paper and Fees : property registration " is very useful. i would like to know how it will change if a building is involved in a property . Example if a house in a properly of 5 cents ; total asking price is 40 lks . Naturally the price is for land and the building.. then how is the stamp duty and fees calculated? It would be really great if you could help me. Thanks